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▼ Walter Murphy / Phantom Of The Opera (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1978
Label: Private Stock
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

Drum Breakから幕開けの、B-4“You Can't Do That To Me”は、DJ Denka氏“81.3 Mix”収録!

A-1 Introduction
A-2 The Phantom Of Your Dreams
A-3 Dance Your Face Off
A-4 I'm Your Man
A-5 A Night At The Opera
A-6 The Music Will Not End
A-7 Reverie For Christine
B-1 Toccata And Funk In D Minor
B-2 Keep Dancin' (Then It's Back To The Dungeon Again)
B-3 Gentle Explosion
B-4 You Can't Do That To Me
B-5 Rescue Me
B-6 Rescue Me

♪ B-4 You Can't Do That To Me

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