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▼ O.S.T. / Forever Young, Forever Free (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1976
Label: MCA
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

B-3“Harlem Montage”はJ RoccのMix CDに収録!

A-1 Prologue
A-2 Childhood Theme
A-3 Schoolboy Pranks
A-4 Carol Ann's Theme
A-5 Village Montage - Childhood Theme Reprise and Maluteng
A-6 An American Girl In Africa
A-7 Childhood Theme Reprise
A-8 Montage
A-9 Childhood Theme - The Prayer
B-1 Forever Young
B-2 Tsepo's Journey To New York
B-3 Harlem Montage
B-4 The Chase
B-5 Childhood Theme - Remembrance
B-6 Pitsane - The Boys Come Home
B-7 The Running Away Montage
B-8 Sugarbell's Rescue
B-9 Finale

♪ B-3 Harlem Montage


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