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▼ Fleetwood Mac / Tusk (2LPs)
Format: LP
Year: 1979
Label: Warner Bros.
Country: US
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

Samplingにも良さそうなMellow Number C-3"Brown Eyes"が◎!

A-1 Over & Over
A-2 The Ledge
A-3 Think About Me
A-4 Save Me A Place
A-5 Sara
B-1 What Makes You Think You're The One
B-2 Storms
B-3 That's All For Everyone
B-4 Not That Funny
B-5 Sisters Of The Moon
C-1 Angel
C-2 That's Enough For Me
C-3 Brown Eyes
C-4 Never Make Me Cry
C-5 I Know I'm Not Wrong
D-1 Honey Hi
D-2 Beautiful Child
D-3 Walk A Thin Line
D-4 Tusk
D-5 Never Forget

♪ C-3 Brown Eyes

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