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▼ Honey Cone / Sweet Replies (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1971
Label: Hot Wax
Country: US
Condition: A-
Jacket: PS

Greg Perry Pro.のFree Soul Classic A-1"Want Ads"収録!
B-6"The Day I Found Myself"はJoell Ortiz"How To Change"ネタ!

A-1 Want Ads
A-2 You Made Me Come To You
A-3 Blessed Be Our Love
A-4 Are You Man Enough, Are You Strong Enough
A-5 When Will It End
A-6 The Feeling's Gone
B-1 Sunday Morning People
B-2 Deaf, Blind, Paralyzed
B-3 Take Me With You
B-4 My Mind's On Leaving, But My Heart Won't Let Me Go
B-5 We Belong Together
B-6 The Day I Found Myself

♪ A-1 Want Ads

♪ B-6 The Day I Found Myself


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