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Format: LP
Year: 1977
Label: Big Tree
Country: US
Condition: A
Jacket: PS

B-5"Just 'Cause I'm Guilty"はSwizz Beatz Feat. Bounty Killer"Guilty", Hostyle Feat. Kyron"Guilty"ネタ!

A-1 Angel In Your Arms
A-2 The Right Feeling At The Wrong Time
A-3 You Brought The Woman Out Of Me
A-4 If You Don't Love Her (When You Gonna Leave Her?)
A-5 Who's Gonna Love You
A-6 Mama's Girl
B-1 You Can Do It
B-2 You're The Reason For All The Songs
B-3 Why Don't You Believe In Your Man
B-4 Don't Let Me Leave You Behind
B-5 Just 'Cause I'm Guilty

♪ B-5 Just 'Cause I'm Guilty


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