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ホーム ROCK M

▼ Moody Blues / This Is Moody Blues (2LPs)
Format: LP
Year: 1975
Label: London
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

B-7“The Voyage”はNas“The General (Remix)”ネタ!

A-1 Question
A-2 The Actor
A-3 The Word
A-4 Eyes Of A Child
A-5 Dear Diary
A-6 Legend Of A Mind
B-1 In The Beginning
B-2 Lovely To See You
B-3 Never Comes The Day
B-4 Isn't Life Strange
B-5 The Dream
B-6 Have You Heard? (Part One)
B-7 The Voyage
B-8 Have You Heard? (Part Two)
C-1 Ride My See Saw
C-2 Tuesday Afternoon
C-3 And The Tide Rushes In
C-4 New Horizons
C-5 Simple Game
C-6 Watching And Waiting
D-1 I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
D-2 For My Lady
D-3 The Story In Your Eyes
D-4 Melancholy Man
D-5 Nights In White Satin
D-6 Late Lament

【YouTube動画】The Voyage

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