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▼ Hostyle / Get Off (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1989
Label: Atlantic
Condition: A-
Jacket: PS

LP Only、A-7“It's Our Turn”はDJ Koco氏“Shimokita House”収録!

A-1 The Intro
A-2 Mic Check (Here We Go)
A-3 Go Brooklyn
A-4 Let The Rhyme Flow
A-5 Get Off
A-6 In The House (House Style)
A-7 It's Our Turn
A-8 Dis The Ho (Diane PT. II) Rated XXX
A-9 The 40 Posse Is Droppin' Science
B-1 She's So Fine
B-2 Just A Dream Away
B-3 Keep On Movin'
B-4 Looking For The Jam
B-5 The Nasty
B-6 Hardcore
B-7 Oops There Goes Another...
B-8 Greg's Beats

♪ A-7 It's Our Turn


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