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▼ Tony D / Music Makes You Move (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1989
Label: Sure Shot
Condition: SEALED
Jacket: PS

Muro氏も雑誌で紹介していたNice Beats集!
Jackson 5“ABC”使いのA-1が人気!
Rap入りのB-1“Get Off The Rhyme”、B-3“Music Makes You Move”も◎!

A-1 Adams Nightmare
A-2 Smooth Shit
A-3 Poor Seagull
A-4 Pockets Oh Yeah
A-5 Do The Sway Bob
A-6 Back To The Fat Back
A-7 War Song
B-1 Get Off The Rhythm
B-2 Gorgeous Pie
B-3 Music Makes You Move
B-4 Special Mixx
B-5 Take Some More Lessons
B-6 Get Over Here And Blow Me
B-7 Tone Watcha Doin
B-8 Bonus Bird Track

【YouTube】Get Off The Rhyme

SEALED ・ 未開封!

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