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▼ O.S.T. (Quincy Jones) / Roots (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1977
Label: A&M
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

A-2“Roots Mural Theme”は、Juelz Santana“Mic Check”ネタ!

A-1 Motherland
A-2 Roots Mural Theme
A-3 Main Title: Mama Aifambeni (Premiere Episode)
A-4 Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself (Birth)
A-5 Oluwa (Many Rains Ago) (African Theme)
A-6 Boyhood To Manhood
A-7 The Toubob Is Here! (The Capture)
A-8 Middle Passage (Slaveship Crossing)
A-9 You In Americuh' Now, African
B-1 Roots Mural Theme Intro (Slave Auction)
B-2 Ole Fiddler
B-3 Jumpin' De Broom (Marriage Ceremony)
B-4 What Can I Do? (Hush, Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name)
B-5 Roots Mural Theme Bridge (Plantation Life)
B-6 Oh Lord, Come By Here
B-7 Free At Last? (The Civil War)
B-8 Many Rains Ago (Oluwa) (African Theme: English Version)

♪ A-2 Roots Mural Theme

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