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▼ V.A. / Ropeladder 12 (3LPs)
Format: LP
Year: 2000
Label: Mush
Country: US
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

Jel, Aesop Rock...etc.参加のUnderground Hip Hop良盤!

A-1 Jel / Stop (And Listen)
A-2 So Called Artists / Postmodernist Contemporary Existentialist Binary Anthem
A-3 Aesop Rock / The Active Element
B-1 Reaching Quiet / I. 113th Clean
B-2 Lulu Mushi / I Dream (Tranquility)
C-1 The Pedestrian / Deadbeats, Generation Of
C-2 Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician / Rain Dance
D-1 Radioinactive / Launch Padlock Smith
D-2 Nickodemus / The Spirit Within
E-1 DJ Osiris / Listen
E-2 Labtekwon / Knowledge and Responsibility (3000D Honors)
F-1 Boom Bip / Want
F-2 Revolutionary Ink / Inventors Cry
F-3 Jel / Go (Away And Think)

♪ A-1 Jel / Stop (And Listen)

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